Digital certificates for servers

Are there any limits regarding the certificate naming?

The SSL certificates may be required only for some host names within the Unitn domain or subdomains (e.g. alfa.soc.unitn.it).


Is it possible to require an SSL certificate with more than one name?

Yes, all names specified on the request form will be inserted in a SAN certificate (Subject Alternative Name). On the contrary, you may not require certificates for a complete domain (e.g. *soc.unitn.it) through the use of certificates with DN wildcard.


Do SSL certificates expire?

Yes,1 year. When the expiry date is getting close, the person who has required the certificate - who will be notified about it via email - may require its renewal.



How do I install the certificate on my server?

The certificate will be sent as an attachment to the email address of the person who has required it, with installation instructions.