Username, password and email address

I’ve previously been in contact with the University (for a stage, a collaboration or a former student’s career…): do I already have an account?

Yes, you do and that’s what you need to use. If you don’t remember it, ask for it writing to account.help@unitn.it, forwarding a copy of a valid identification document (ID or passport) and specifying the email address which you wish to be registered for the password recovery procedure.

My UniTn account is linked to a personal email address I don’t use anymore: how can I change it?

You can set a new address by accessing the procedure  "set personal email contact”  with your credentials.
If you don’t remember your credentials, you can ask for the change of personal email address writing to account.help@unitn.it,forwarding a copy of a valid identification document (ID or passport) and specifying the new email address.


I’m a student registered log time ago. I recover my @unitn.it account: why get I an error accessing in ESSE3?

This kind of error sometime occurs with old registrations, entered in our systems before the computerization of enrollment procedure. Don’t worry: write to account.help@unitn.it ,forwarding a copy of a valid identification document (ID or passport) and specifying the error you got.

I’m trying to register a @guest.unitn.it account, but I received an email that ask me to wait because there are some problems: what can I do?

This problem occurs when someone tries to create a @guest.unitn.it account with personal data already registered in our systems(probably because of a previous career as student or another kind of collaboration - even short - at this University). Please, do not try another registration and wait: the competent support will contact you shortly (or at most within two working days).

What’s “incardinamento”?

If you have filled in the admission procedure using a temporary @guest.unitn.it account (self-registerd on UniTN site), at the time of enrollment you’ll be invited to convert your temporary account into a permanent one. This procedure is called “incardinamento”: it consists in authenticating one last time with your @guest.unitn.it account to follow the suggested instructions. Please note that the changing of the temporary account into a permanent one is possible only after your identity has been certificated (usually within 24 hours after the enrollment).

How can I access my email name.surname@guest.unitn.it?

Be careful! name.surname@gust.unitn.it is not an email address, but only your temporary account (“guest”) intended as username for accessing the University online services: no institutional address given to guests.

I have a name.surname@unitn.it account: does it correspond to an email address too?

“Account “ is intended as username for accessing the University ICTs online services. For students is is in the form  name.surname@unitn.it or similar: on the contrary, student’s email address is in the form name.surname@studenti.unitn.it
Often, but not necessarily, username and email address conicide for who has a role as professor or Technical and administrative staff. Using the Google Apps Widget in MyUnitn, clicking on "My email addresses", you can check which address you have. For any doubt please write to account.help@unitn.it

What’s the difference between personal and institutional email address?

Personal email address (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, Live, Hotmail…) has been registered at the moment of account creation or acquired by SPID identity and it is necessary for the online password recovey procedure. Instead, institutional email address is automatically assigned by Universisty to every student,basing on your present or past role in UniTrento (i.e. a student has a @studenti.unitn.it address, a graduate a @alumni.unitn.it one; a student who has interrupted the course of study has a @ex-studenti.unitn.it address). Please note that students receive an institutional email address only after the definitive enrollment (within 24 hours); a guest user has no institutional email address: name.surname@gust.unitn.it is only a temporary account not an email address.


I have some problems with my UniTrento account: who can I ask for help?

Fill in the Request of support form specifying the email address you want to be contacted to or write to account.help@unitn.it. In both cases, describe in detail  the problem you have and give us personal information that allow us to identify you for sure (i.e. name + surname + date of birth).