Access to UniTrento online application procedures

How can I apply for UniTrento online application procedure?

Application to University of Trento varies according to the type of application itself and can be divided into successive steps, with with as many online procedure. You can find all the information you need about deadlines and necessary links for each Degree Course on the InfoStudenti site (https://infostudenti.unitn.it/en)


I’ve already registered on Universitaly site: do I have to register another account to access UniTrento online services?

Yes, you do. You have to register on UniTrento site too, because they are different and independent procedures. Please follow the instruction starting from https://infostudenti.unitn.it/en

How can I get an UniTrento account (username + password)?

Creation of an UniTrento account (username + password) is usually the first step of an application for admission to a course. Find the application you are interested in, click on “Enter” and follow every suggested steps. The list of the currently active application for the admission to the first year are on page https://infostudenti.unitn.it/en/admissions

I’m in a hurry: can I access directly to ESSE3 to apply for the call and fill in the rest of the procedure later?

No,you can’t: you must follow the order as indicated. To access Esse3 you must have already filled in and validated your personal and master data. If not, Esse3 will give you a generic error of “invalid username or password” even if they are correct.

I’m not resident in Italy and I don’t have a Italian tax code (Codice Fiscale) jet: can I still register?

Yes, you can. Italian tax code is mandatory for those who already reside in Italy.


My account works, but I’m in doubt about how to fill in the admission or application call procedure: who should I contact?

First look for information on  https://infostudenti.unitn.it/en; if you can’t find information you need, write to ammissioni@unitn.it