SPID Authentication

What is SPID?

SPID, the Public System of Digital Identity, is a technology used to access the Internet and the IT servives of the Public Administration with a single ID and password.
A SPID Identity can be used to login on UniTrento's online services: Servizio SPID
For further information, please go to: https://www.spid.gov.it/

What personal information is made available to UniTrento by SPID?

The kind of information that SPID collects and then sends to UniTrento is always the same, regardless of the service a user is accessing.
The information provided is:
- Name
- Surname
- Italian Fiscal Code (in order to activate all the services reserved to the members of the UniTrento community)
- date of birth (shown in the Fiscal Code)
- birthplace (shwon in the Fiscal Code)
- sex (shown in the Fiscal Code)
- e-mail address associated with user's SPID identity

Why is the Italian Fiscal Code required?

IT services reserved to members of the University community use the Italian fiscal code to verify the identity of users and their role inside the UniTrento community.
By doing so, it is possible to grant users all necessary access permissions according to their role.

Log: what is recorded? And how long?

As required by the AgID (the government agency responsible for the oversight and administration of digital technologies) every SPID authentication request sent by UniTrento to the SPID identity providers and every response are recorded for 24 months.
While using a service, extra-information concerning users' activities may be recorded.