Google Apps

How do I access my email and my Google Apps?

The username is typically name.surname@unitn.it and it is used to login to access the services. The username is typically name.surname@unitn.it (or variations) in combination with the UniTrento password.
You can use the widget in the myunitn website, to easily access to the “Google Apps” services. The already recognised user may access without inserting your password again.
You can access directly using the link http://mail.g.unitn.it/ , browsing on Google. In this case pay attention to the field required by the application: to access Google you are often required to have an email address. Therefore you need to use your “main email address” (you cannot access using an alias), which can be different from your username.

Do I use the same password which I use to access the UniTrento services?

Yes, you will use your UniTrento password because all Google Apps for Education services are based on our authentication systems.

What is the storage capacity of my mailbox? And for my documents in cloud?

The archive storage capacity is unlimited, both for email items and for documents.

Will the Google Apps be activated for ever?

According to the choices made by UniTrento, your access to services may be changed. In some cases the services might be revoked for some users. Further, the technology content of the services offered in cloud by Google changes throughout time and also for the UniTrento users.

What are the active Apps on my user profile?

The available services are visible in the Myunitn “Google Apps” widget. UniTrento is entitled to decide to activate a service on the basis of the user profile.

Will the collaboration with the Google native tools be possible only among UniTrento users?

No, you be able to involve external users. They just need to have a Google account, even a free consumer account.

There is also a programme suite similar to the MS-Office Programmes. Does this mean that the MS-Office will not be installed on Windows PC any longer?

No, MS-Office will be installed on the Windows PC of the staff of the University. The Google Office Suite is less structured than the Microsoft Office Suite. However, it offers more advantages, like the possibility for more users to simultaneously work on the same document, from different devices, without any additional SW. The new Office Automation programmes of Google will not replace the Microsoft programmes, which are less diffused and used at UniTrento.

Where can I find the documentation regarding the use of the new systems?

Google innovations are very frequent and accurate internal documentation could become out of date very fast. Therefore we decided to adopt directly the multilingual official documentation of Google, which is available online (as well as the official courses: http://learn-it.Googleapps.com). . 

How do I install the Google Apps widget in MyUnitn?

The Google Apps widget is always present in MyUnitn, no installation is required.

I’m in a country that doesn’t allow me to access Google Apps and Gmail, how do I do that?

Some countries (see the list on the page https://support.google.com/a/answer/2891389?hl=en) block connections to Google’s business services including Gmail. To get around this problem you can try to use the  University VPN-OUT service that allows you to browse from an external network by presenting yourself with an IP address of the Unitrento network. More information at https://icts.unitn.it/case/en/catalog/vpnout/