2.University Units

What information can I find in the section 'University Units' of DU?

The portal provides information about all University units, organizing them into tree categories: Statutory Bodies, Departments and Centers, Organizational Units.

What data are displayed?

The data include the complete and official name of every unit, the name of its director and the list of its members, a short description of the unit, contact details and the organization chart.

Where do the data come from?

The data come primarily from the ADA information system (which in turn collects data from the SIRIUM information system) and the ERMETE information system. In particular, ADA provides information about the type of unit, the connections among different units (organizational chart), the director and members of the unit. It also provides contact details (telephone, fax and email). ERMETE provides the official names of the units and their description in Italian and English, a photo gallery, and the main address of the unit.

How often are the data updated?

Updates are scheduled every 24 hours.

I am looking for a unit, but I can’t find it. Why?

There are several possible causes for this. For example: the proper name of the unit is not the one you are looking for; the unit does not exist anymore; ERMETE has established that the unit must not be displayed on the portal.