What data are displayed?

In People you can find the contact details (phone and fax number, email address, website) of all university members and information on their position at the University. Displayed data include information on teaching, publications, dissertations and theses, projects.

What is People?

It is the section of the portal that provides information about the members of the university.

Where do the data come from?

Data are taken mainly from the ADA information system, which it turn collects data from different human resources information systems, both at University and department/center level (e.g. SIRIUM, ADELINE, applications used by collegial bodies, the Phone service). Most of this data are automatically collected by ADA at regular intervals. Some data are further processed through ERMETE, which allows the precise organization of the different positions that a person has. ERMETE in fact provides the official name of each position (e.g. "Full Professor") and establishes which positions should not be displayed on the portal. Users upload their personal photo from their reserved area in MyDU.

How often are the data updated?

Updates are scheduled every 24 hours.

Does the portal use an appropriate gender-inclusive language?

Yes. Following the guidelines of the European parliament on gender neutrality, we curate the names of the personal, organizational and institutional positions associated to people. These guidelines suggest the use of the most appropriate language depending on the context, balancing the use of non-discriminatory language with the right level of readability and communicative effectiveness.

I have found an incorrect phone/fax number. How can we fix that?

Please contact the Phone service and ask them to solve the problem.

Not all people have a profile photo. Why?

A personal photo is displayed only in the profiles of users who have uploaded one in their reserved area in MyDU.

I can’t find the person I am looking for. Why?

There are several possible causes for this. For example: the person you are looking for is not listed as a member of the university in the ADA information system; ERMETE established, given the type of position held by the person, that it must not be displayed on the portal.