New VPN PaloAlto

To cope with the increase in needs caused by the Coronavirus emergency, ICT UniTrento Services offer a solution for connecting to University systems from home, or in any case from outside the University network: a VPN ("Virtual Private Network") dedicated to UniTrento teaching and research staff.

Instructions and details:

  • for the first access it is necessary to install the GlobalProtect client starting from page 
  • access takes place with the usual UniTrento credentials and is allowed to anyone with an @ account with an active role (plus a grace period of 90 days)
  • with the VPN active, Internet traffic still goes on your private connection; only direct traffic to UniTrento network passes through the VPN
  • documentation (in English) can be found on page

NB: we suggest privileging this channel over the traditional connection with the Pulse Secure VPN client, now mainly used by technical-administrative staff in smart working.

For assistance requests, contact the IT staff of your Department / Center or write to servicedesk [at]

Thanks for collaboration!