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The Digital University portal

The service, offered through the Web portal, enables users to search for information about the University facilities and affiliates. Affiliates include both academic (such as professors, researchers, PhD students) as well as technical, administrative and managerial personnel. So this is a University rubrica enriched with detailed information about skills, work and scientific production of its affiliates.

Features of the service

The portal mainly supports search and browsing of University information. For people the portal provides contact information (email, phone, fax, address), positions, curriculum, publications, teaching activities, thesis and projects. For the University facilities, it provides an overview and detailed information about the institutional bodies, academic and managerial structures.

Privacy and data sources

Data is mostly extracted from existing information systems of the University. From each information system only a part of the available data is picked up, namely what is strictly required to enable the service. For authorized internal users, additional information can be provided through the MyDU service, e.g. curriculum information. The information is managed in full compliance with privacy and IPR regulations. For more information click here.

The Digital University initiative

The Digital University portal is the first service designed and implemented within the Digital University initiative. 

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