Definition of users, services and provided equipment

Users will be provided with services and equipment according to their profile:

  • Managerial users

Rector, Pro-Rectors who have their offices at the Rectorate, Directorate Managers. We provide a desktop computer with data on a remote server, Core2Duo processor and a 19" monitor and an ultralight laptop with access to the university's wireless network and with data connection too (via mobile phone or sim card, eventually provided by Phone).

  • “Mobile” users

These are users who spend most of their time out of their offices for service reasons and need internet connection as well as constant access to their private data. These users are provided with laptops with Core2Duo processor, external 19" monitor, keyboard and mouse. These laptops are configured for the access to the University's wireless network, for mobile data connection (via mobile phone or sim card, eventually provided by Phone) and with an assisted procedure for backups on a network storage. Users can independently modify some aspects of this configuration.

  • Users with computational power requirement

This category includes staff who use the computer for CAD, layout and photo editing, mathematical and statistical calculations, software development and systems administration. These users are provided with high performance workstations with a multicore processor combined with high quality 22" monitors. Users have access to their data on network storage and can independently change the standard configuration of their equipment.

  • Basic users

This category includes all those people who do not fit in the previous ones. These users are provided with a terminal / thin client connected to the Citrix Metaframe Systems Management servers and a 17 "or 19" monitor. If they need to use applications incompatible with this system, they are provided with a personal computer. This configuration cannot be changed. Users’ data are on a network storage.

Maintenance and renewal policies

Every year, according to the human resources and to the University budget, the provided equipment will be checked in order to update characteristics and performances to the new application requirements and to the technological evolution. Service standards will also be updated (see Service Charter) as well as the membership of the profiles, in agreement with the Managers of each sector.