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Data Storage


This service gives regular employees the opportunity of using an amount of purposefully exported disk space as a backup target or sharing space.

The University of Trento also manages a highly reliable and high-performance centralized storage system dedicated to the critical infrastructures (virtualization, database, email, etc.) requiring full availability and a firm policy on backup.

The (storage capacitivo) service integrates our offer and satisfies the demand for low-cost disk space, an area where backups of research data can be stored.

The “storage capacitivo” service has some limitations in comparison with the main storage, such as:

  • no backup of the user’s data on external systems (tapes, cd-roms, etc.)
  • a 1 or 2-day service suspension in case of expansion (cumulative expansions are planned twice a year in order to soften the impact)

but also some advantages:

  • cheap
  • a sheer volume of available data storage space (dozens of TB)

This service  is provided by two Dell PowerVault NX NAS systems , which are located one in the University datacenter in Povo2 and the other in the disaster recovery datacenter of the Bruno Kessler Foundation.

At the moment, this system has a total storage capacity of 792 TB (432TB in Povo2 and 360TB at the BKF) and and it is the largest data storage system in the University.

Data security.

As said above, this service does not provide for external backups, but data present on the volumes can be periodically protected by snapshots the system itself supplies definining their frequency and retention.

It is also possible to request a periodic replica (asynchronous mirror) of your data (and of the snapshots) of the two systems.

It should be remembered that:

  • this system of storage is a solution thought to be a space to store backups of data, thus we are not expecting users to store essential or irreproducible data in it.
  • occasional system maintenance and update is required, and such interventions may  cause a temporary suspension of the service. In that case, you will receive a notice in advance, but no exceptions or delays are possible since we should guarantee the data availability
Get Service 

Lo storage capacitivo può essere richiesto inviando una mail a gestione.sistemi [at] unitn.it . Verrete poi ricontattati per definire i dettagli del servizio.

Le richieste raccolte veranno tendenzialmente cumulate in due ordini di acquisto annuali.

Il costo a TB è pari a 300 euro con un quantitativo minimo di 3 TB.