Business continuity e disaster recovery

Business continuity and disaster recovery policy: this provides emergency procedures training and business continuity planning in order to assure the functioning of the IT systems in the event of accidents.

Disaster Recovery Data Center

The DR Data Center is hosted at the SISTI building in via Briamasco 2 in Trento. In the Data Center there is a virtual infrastructure, physical servers and a storage in addition to network equipment. The DR is guaranteed by physical servers in distributed architecture with the main Data Center and by replicated VMs and storage.

Disaster Recovery network management

The University network is connected to the Italian research network (managed by the GARR Consortium) and to the internet via a 10Gb main link physically attested at the Data Center in Povo and with a secondary link to 1Gb at the DirSISTI headquarters. Trento. The main offices are connected to the University network with a main fiber optic link and a secondary link via radio link. Most of the local networks of the University sites have a redundant star center, consisting of two apparatuses. In the Data Center the network is high performance and high reliability: each component is redundant and reachable through two different paths. In the event that a disaster occurs that puts the entire Data Center out of action, access to the network is guaranteed by the businness continuity systems operating in the disaster recovery site and a procedure is provided for the restoration, in pre-established times, of the main University services.

Simulation of Disaster Recovery

It tests the disaster recovery plan in case of loss of the Data Center.