Antivirus and antispam for the e-mail

University mailboxes and mail service are provided by the Gmail platform, which is protected by antispam and antivirus service.

In order to protect your attachments and block unwanted emails in your Inbox, Google adopts antispam and antivirus systems analysing the email traffic of the University users.

Messages are classified into two categories:

  • good messages that appear in the user's Inbox;
  • messages that the system considers as spam: such messages will be marked as SPAM and will not appear in your Inbox.

Of course, it is possible that the system accidentally marks a message as spam by mistake. That is why we advise users to check on the messages in the SPAM folder periodically and, in the case of a wrong assignment, indicate that message is good using the 'Report as not spam' button present in the beginning of the email.

The antivirus software scans every attachment, and if Gmail detects a virus the system rejects the message and notifies the sender with an error saying ’Be careful with this message. It might contain a virus or a malicious link.’