Web Conferencing

Services designed to make phone calls and to allow people in different locations to call a meeting. Their diffusion in streaming is possible through well equipped systems.

Tools for managing multimedia meetings remotely.

Release date

01 January 2012


The University provides its members with tools for scheduling and delivering online meetings with different features according to the product and context of use: sharing of audio and video, documents, virtual whiteboards, applications and user desktops. The virtual meetings can be of the one-to-many type (“webinar”, in which one person talks and the others assist by listening, with the opportunity to ask questions to the presenter in chat or asking individually the word to intervene in voice) or as a peer-to-peer meeting (groups of few people guarantee a better quality and order in the logistic management of the meeting, as well as a more effective understanding of the audio contributions). Depending on the specific needs of the meeting, it is possible to choose the most suitable software among those proposed.


Depending on the needs, the supported software are:
- Zoom
- Google Meet
- V Conf

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