Web sites

The UniTrento web portal is designed on an architecture that has been designed, implemented and maintained by the IT services management in cooperation with the Communication management, in order to take care of the technological aspects as well as the graphical and textual ones. Alongside it are other websites created to meet specific needs for organization and research: these could be personal websites based on a standard web content management system where the user -often a professor- autonomously posts some content, or websites designed by external companies. Among these services are also those platforms being accessible with authentication only, which enable the private management of some content (e.g. MyUnitn).

Transparent Governance
It allows the automated publishing of assignment of supplies, jobs, services, collaborations and so on, in order to comply with the legal requirements as far as transparency and anti-corruption are concerned. The system is integrated with the SAP management system, from which all assignments that will be published are extracted hourly. The application directs the information to the different facilities, enables its validation/integration and its further publication on the University portal.

University electronic register
Publication of documents subject to legal advertising and on which the “publication report” is affixed.

Digital University - Dashboard
The Dashboard offers affiliates of the University of Trento a series of graphics dashboards by way of support for the self-assessment of performance and to make informed decisions in various areas: research, current teaching and degree courses and human resources.

Digital University - University Open Data
In incorporating the national guidelines for optimising public information as an asset, the University makes its most representative data available to the society in open format. The University’s data is published in the provincial Open Data catalogue, which guarantees publication according to the very best European and national standards.

Digital University - Portal
The service allows internal and external users of the University to search for information on all University facilities and affiliates, both academic (for example, professors, researchers, PhD students) and technical-administrative and managerial staff.

Hosting web
Thanks to management of the University servers by technicians from the IT Governance, it is possible to host websites for personal pages or research projects.

Hosting Database
Host database instances to support applications and websites, for example.

It provides an online service dashboard of the University.

University Portal
The University of Trento’s website provides updated information about the University, its components, services and activities.

Request domain names
The service allows University users to apply for new domain names (.it and .eu; .unitn.it and for the domains associated with the individual Departments, for example: .disi.unitn.it)

Press review
Collect articles and multimedia communications regarding the University of Trento and more generally the academic and scientific world.