Visiting user interface

These services deal with authentication, authorization and access to IT and regular services, as well as with digital identity management, with releasing of credentials and user profiling.

It grants temporary Internet access to a visitor-based network, available for guests at conferences and other events in the University as well.


Application for the release of temporary credentials for visitors.

The credentials are released to the participants to events organized by the University of Trento and allow users to access a definite set of services (internet, PCs) for a limited period of time (duration of the event).

These credentials are usually managed by the welcoming staff of the event, using the Visiting application.


Availability 24x7


The service is completely online. Certified operators need to take the following steps:
- Create a package of visiting account for events
- Print their account page (username/password) and their signature register
- Upload the signature register, once the event is over.

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