Remote Digital Signature - Usign Signing Service

UniTrento is doing its utmost to manage and store all the electronic documents internally produced, with a view to adapting to the new digital first approach promoted by the CAD (Digital Administration Code). On one side, we aim at providing single users or homogeneous groups of users with clearly organised and customised reservoirs of documents; on the other, it is necessary to comply with the formal protocol and to retain documents as required by the law.

The University of Trento uses Cineca’s U-Sign solution as a signature service that allows all holders of a remote signature certificate issued by the University to sign electronic documents relating to their institutional activities. This section of the catalog provides the link to access the U-Sign service, which can be accessed through the University credentials. The signature service is also integrated into different applications in use at the University.


U-sign is the tool that the University of Trento has adopted for the subscription of documents and documentation by the secretariats of each structure. The use of U-sign is bound to the creation of specific users by the system administrators. U-sing users are of two types:

  • associated with a remote digital signature certificate (Aruba or Infocert): they allow the signing of the documentation by the holders

  • not associated with any signature certificate: they allow the assignment of certain signature processes to holders registered in U-Sign.


The signature of a document in U-Sign is done by entering a PIN code or Password and an OTP code. The PIN code and password are defined by the holder at the time of activation of the certificate; the OTP code (One Time Password) is a code that is automatically generated at each signature request and communicated to the holder through the use of the Mobile app of Aruba, by SMS or token depending on the instrument assigned to the holder at the time of release.

Service Request

U-sign users associated with a certificate of signature are created within 48 hours of the activation of the certificate. There is no provision for the creation of a U-Sign user for contract teachers. U-sign users not associated with a certificate of signature must be requested to the support service by the secretariat of the first level structure (direction, department, center).

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