In 2000, UniTrento developed a management strategy based on ERP-type (Enterprise resource planning) instruments and further web innovations in order to rationalise the information systems of the accounting area. The ERP sectors, which overlap with the accounting and the IT areas, are monitored by a development and support team in close cooperation with the University Information Systems, the Administrative and Financial Management, and the Human Resources Management. Said sectors are specifically concerned with purchases, accounting, planning and control, sales and human resources management.

Management of online payment requests.

Release date

01 January 2015




The service is completely online and integrated with some of the most important UniTrento applications, allowing the final user to manage payments online (internal or external to the University), for example to pay registration fees to events and conventions. The system works in a way that payment requests are generated by BackOffice (delivered to the user via mail by using suitable and customazible templates); moreover, the operator can view the state of payment requests and can manage confirm receipt of payment by transfer or credit card.

Profiling details

Access with diversified permissions for the functionalities of: - payment of amounts - backoffice payments management

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