Turnitin Originality

It provides information services in support of learning during the student assessment (for example online exams).

Prevention/awareness/detection of plagiarism. The user (teacher) expects Turnitin to support him/her in identifying possible copyright infringement behaviour when a student submits his/her written work.


A plagiarism detection system that can be used to analyse a document and compare it with internet sources, academic publications from specialised databases and the Turnitin database itself.




The programme measures the similarity between the document under analysis, documents available on the web and millions of academic texts. It identifies possible cases of plagiarism by providing the percentage of the student’s work found as it is on the web or in articles in specific databases, indicating the sources of each copied passage. This does not mean that all the identified texts have been copied. The number of sources indicated is, however, a good indicator of the originality of a paper.


The service can be used by the teacher via the Turnitin website, or through integration with Moodle in the courses where he/she intends to use it (currently under implementation).

Profiling details

Teachers upload and analyse the students’ papers. Students upload their own papers which will then be submitted for analysis.

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Training meetings held by Turnitin and notified to teachers by the Education and Student Services Management.