Trouble ticket system


Strategic management of IT systems and their organization, having one eye to the user’s perspective and to the IT contribution to University services.

The ticketing system aims to collect all the requests for help, information, authorisation on the university’s ICT services

Release date

V. 6: 23 August 2018


In order to rationalize and optimize the management of user support on ICT services, for years UniTrento has adopted a trouble ticket system tool: a technological platform (currently based on the open source software OTRS v. 6) that collects users’ requests (tickets) in a work list (queue), tracks the processing chain (status) and allows operators (agents) to interact with users (customer) for the management and resolution of incidents and anomalies . Unlike what happens for a message on a normal e-mail system, a ticket corresponds to a unique identifier, which allows it to be processed, consulted and archived by the operators involved. Tickets are created (or “open”) by users, who can send an email or fill out a webform or act directly on the ticketing platform; each ticket is redirected into the most appropriate queue according to the context of the request. After a prompt triage based on urgency and priority, tickets are taken in charge by the operators , with the aim of “closing” the ticket as soon as possible, providing the solution to the problem.

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