Fixed Telephony

University Integrated Telephone System

The phone services available to the internal staff of the University are sorted into fixed telephony (based on an internally developed VoIP platform that enables to use a fixed device and to manage the advanced features, such as the “MyVoIP portal” for configuring one’s preferences) and mobile telephony. Some specific users’ categories are provided with devices and mobile phone services (smartphones, router Wi-fi, SIM cards, etc.).

The fixed telephony service is based on a VoIP platform offering users advanced features, such as managing their own lines on the web (MyVoIP portal) or using their line with compatible software telephones (Softphone).


The Digital and Library Services Directorate management and PHONE office coordinate the University Telephone Service. This service uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and it has been entirely developed using opensource software.

The PHONE service is responsible for the system maintenance, the service request management and the coordination of technical failure and malfunction reports. The Telephone Service together with the University Records make it possible for users to manage their own phone lines from the MyVoIP portal.

Among the services provided by the system are:

  • licences, diverts and virtual fax management via web
  • SoftPHONE (the possibility to use your own phone line on a computer)
  • Meetme (to attend a teleconference with a high number of members)
  • Teleconference in three
  • call answering service
  • Click2dial (to call with just one click from the University portal)
  • Skype Unitn (the possibility to get in contact with the extensions on Skype)

In the University area of Trento and in the branch campus of Rovereto, around 2.500 VoIP phones have been activated. Telephone numbers start with the 0461 area code followed by the prefix 28 and the 4-digit extension number. To telephone a number in Rovereto, you will use the 0464 area code and prefix the 4-digit extension number with 80. Dialling a number outside the University telephone system is possible thanks to 3 telephone routes (2 in Trento and 1 in Rovereto), up to a maximum of 90 phone calls at the same time (entry/exit).

The PHONE service is responsible for reporting the respective telephone expenses to Departments and Centres.


Availability 24x7


Different terminals are available according to the user and the service requirements.

Profiling details

Each management center decides and applies the ratings for each telephone line.


The Phone service overturns the consumption costs to the structure it belongs to.

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