Shared Drive

Team Drive

IT services that enable to create, to share and to modify information and documents, especially by using those instruments of the cloud which make the real-time interaction possible.

Shared Drive oversees the document storage and collaboration; it also gives access privileges, enabling not only the creator of the document, but an entire group work to check and modify documents as well (as in G Drive).

Release date

01 September 2017


24x7 managed by Google


All active users in our University can access the service through their Unitrento Google account and any other browser. Once the business with the University is over (e.g. after graduation or retirement), the user, usually after a period of 180 days, will no longer have access to the service.

Access link
Service Request

The creation of a Shared Drive folder must be requested to the reference IT staff by opening a ticket on the Service Desk

Support through Ticketing System