Network Storage

Advanced computational resources and other services support the activities of the research teams.

Store data securely and have a copy of it.


Increased computing capacity of new computers with more performing and capacious discs in order to save files with larger dimensions also impose a rethink on the backup attitudes intended as security of what I intend to save …

WHY A POLO STORAGE We currently handle a multitude of all important file types, but each has a directory, a folder or a certain amount of files on their computer that you certainly should not disregard. Numerous technologies help us (external disks, usb sticks, nas, etc …) the user service office Polo hill provides a centralized system, accessible via the network, where you can save a certain amount of these “vital” files that can be in turn, transferred to other supports to guarantee a double safety copy and at the same time speed in the recovery (restore) of the files themselves by the user.

TO WHOM IS IT ADDRESSED TO? Faculty, researchers, PhD students and PTA (staff with University credentials with an active role within their own membership structure)

HOW TO ACCESS THE STORAGE Access is done using the University credentials, the machine hosting the shares is called nx-hill and is accessed as a share windows: \, is in Windows Domain UNITN, as a result. If your workstation is already part of the domain, authentication takes place transparently, otherwise you must type your username in the form “UNITN \ username.user” or username.user- at In the attached box instructions to connect and possibly map a network drive to your computer. SNAPSHOT A snapshot is a “screenshot” of files stored in the storage at a pre-established time of day. The files stored in this way are then brow sable and retrievable directly by the user from Windows. The system is very useful in case you want to recover a file deleted by mistake, or if you want to open an old version of a file. To access the snapshots from Windows explorer, just go to a folder and click on the mouse right click on “Properties” and then on the “previous versions” tab, you will have access to the list of the various snapshots available. Currently three different types of snapshot with different retention are scheduled:

Three during the day, at 8.00 am - 1.00 pm - 6.00 pm with daily rotation, the snapshot taken today at 8.00 am overwrites the one done yesterday at 8.00 am and so on. One during the week, from Monday to Saturday, at 22:00 with weekly retention (7 in principle). One Weekly: every Sunday at 22:00 with monthly retention (4 in principle) In this way you have access to three snapshots made over the last 24 hours, one at night with weekly occasion and one holiday with monthly occasion.

REDUNDANCY In order to safeguard the integrity of the copies made and the continuity of the service in the event of hardware or software failure, the collina storage system provides that the user space is mirrored every hour on the twin server in the city, for this reason saves on tape are not planned.

LIMITATIONS The maximum amount of space for a single user ‘cannot exceed 50 Gigabytes’, however for proven institutional needs and / or for particular and authorized requests, users are invited to contact the collina User Services counter (see box on the right).



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