Information system & Human resources


In 2000, UniTrento developed a management strategy based on ERP-type (Enterprise resource planning) instruments and further web innovations in order to rationalise the information systems of the accounting area. The ERP sectors, which overlap with the accounting and the IT areas, are monitored by a development and support team in close cooperation with the University Information Systems, the Administrative and Financial Management, and the Human Resources Management. Said sectors are specifically concerned with purchases, accounting, planning and control, sales and human resources management.

This is a customized version of the SAP HR module (originally incorporated in the SAP ERP system) the University of Trento uses to process employee administration (professors, reseachers, staff etc.) according to business requirements.


SIRIUM is the instrument the University of Trento chose as platform for organizational, juridical-administrative and compensation management. SIRIUM is committed to managing the careers of PERSONNEL (technical and administrative staff, staff accountants, executives, foreign language assistants), PROFESSORS and RESEARCHERS (both tenured and non-tenured faculty members) .

Subsequently, in 2007 staff training together with staff evaluation and attendance management were added to the first group of activities (developed and implemented in 2004). Attendance management, above all, underwent the evolution of the system promoting the integration in the web platform in order to guarantee ease of use, easy access and a simplification of the services.

At the moment, the areas of activity SIRIUM focuses on are:

  • Juridical-administrative management
  • Organizational structure
  • Staff training
  • Staff evaluation
  • Attendance management (integrated in the University web system)

The introduction of the PT module paved the way for the integration between the HR module and the web platform offering solutions that allow the sending of data from the portal to SIRIUM.

The compensation management is carried out sending the data recorded in SIRIUM to the workers’ compensation processing software CSA of CINECA.


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