Management and administrative services

Services and information systems available to the university administration (economic and financial management, human resources, back-office tools, analysis and reports), as well as in support of academic activities (ICT tools available to teachers, students and researchers).

Alumni and Advancement
There have been more than 50.000 alumni (former students or candidates who obtained the degree) at UniTrento since 1962. Our University provides them and new graduates with specific services, operated by the appropriate structures of the “Education and Student Services Management”. In particular, the Internet portal «UniTrento alumni» has been designed as a virtual showcase for alumni’s curricula (offering business partnerships, promoting training courses and posting job offers); subscribers are also eligible for some particular services, such as the access to some electronic resources of our Library, the reception of the informative newsletter, and a personal e-mail account with unlimited storage.

To support the projects of Uni.Sport (our University network of services and sport facilities in the province of Trento, dedicated to all students and staff members from our University and local research centres) e TOPSport, the University provides users with websites run by our partner associations where you can find all the necessary information regarding membership, for example.

Finance, Human Resources, and Procurement Systems
In 2000, UniTrento developed a management strategy based on ERP-type (Enterprise resource planning) instruments and further web innovations in order to rationalise the information systems of the accounting area. The ERP sectors, which overlap with the accounting and the IT areas, are monitored by a development and support team in close cooperation with the University Information Systems, the Administrative and Financial Management, and the Human Resources Management. Said sectors are specifically concerned with purchases, accounting, planning and control, sales and human resources management.

Document Imaging and Management
UniTrento is doing its utmost to manage and store all the electronic documents internally produced, with a view to adapting to the new digital first approach promoted by the CAD (Digital Administration Code). On one side, we aim at providing single users or homogeneous groups of users with clearly organised and customised reservoirs of documents; on the other, it is necessary to comply with the formal protocol and to retain documents as required by the law.

Online forms
In accordance with the recent legislation on the digitalization of the Public Administration, since 2011 UniTrento has acquired web tools which allow the user to interact with the University even remotely in online mode, in order to start the procedures for application, enrollment or candidacy. The applications, in-house implemented and integrated in various ways with institutional ERP platforms, support the account registration, the filling out of electronic forms in more steps, the upload of documents, as well as create notifications via email for the user and the offices handling the procedure.

Auxiliary Services
The reception desk is the first contact point for students of the faculty: here reports regarding the basic features of the University services are accepted, informing students about their use (dislocation, personal data, updating of display, management of a basic ambient assisted living).

Services for deposit and dissertation consultation
Graduation theses, which represent a precious cultural heritage, are part of an important set of documents managed by the University archives: in addition to legacy platforms, UniTrento has acquired over the years tools and an implemented in-house repository in order to preserve, protect and promote to the best graduation and PhD theses. ICT services are managed in an integrated manner by the University facilities, which on several fronts take care of Education and Services to Students, archival and library facilities as well as research services.

Library Systems
The synergy between the Informative Systems, the Research Management and the University Library System has resulted in an extended range of online services for our Libraries, with a view to computerise all those operations that once were tipically carried out on paper or face-to-face with the Library staff: requesting to consult a text, accessing electronic databases, placing a request for national & international interlibrary loan, submitting the thesis and configuring the permissions to view it, requesting a bibliographic consultation, and much more.

Teachers and Researchers Information Systems
All ICT services specifically addressed to our academic staff (professors, researchers, PhDs, etc.) are online products designed to help users in managing their own academic activities. These products have been developed by a third party (in particular, the CINECA consortium), and they are integrated with in-house programs in order to meet the more specific needs of our University. These products are inextricably linked with the information systems designed for students (which cover both the complementary teaching aspects, i.e. professors’ academic activity and students’ career advancement) and the information systems designed for our University staff (finance, human resources and employment, as regards administrative manners).

Student Information Systems
Among the many IT support services for students shall be included the ones concerning selection and enrolment, guidance; those services meant to preserve everybody’s right to higher education (food service & canteens, scholarships, and accommodations in collaboration with the institution “Opera Universitaria”); all the online systems in general that students use along their entire career. Many of these latter services (examination entries, assessments, payment of tuition and university fees, checking the achievement report and curriculum) form part of ESSE3, our online didactics services system developed by CINECA; the rest of them could be implemented internally by the ICT Management or by external companies. In any case, our main administrative structure is the Education and student services Management.