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The UniTrento web portal is designed on an architecture that has been designed, implemented and maintained by the IT services management in cooperation with the Communication management, in order to take care of the technological aspects as well as the graphical and textual ones. Alongside it are other websites created to meet specific needs for organization and research: these could be personal websites based on a standard web content management system where the user -often a professor- autonomously posts some content, or websites designed by external companies. Among these services are also those platforms being accessible with authentication only, which enable the private management of some content (e.g. MyUnitn).

The service allows University users to apply for new domain names (.it and .eu; and for the domains associated with the individual Departments, for example:


How to apply to set up new domain names or university websites.

It is possible to apply for a new domain name.

As regards university domain names (e.g., it is necessary to fill in the electronic form you can find in the download area and then send it to (N.B. institutional domain names are registered automatically).

For .it or .eu domain names, Consortium GARR offers a service to register for free: you just have to fill in the downloadable electronic form and then send it to Already registered .it and .eu domain names that are managed by commercial domain name registrars can be registered again by the Consortium GARR. One can request to change the domain name by filling in the corresponding form in the download area.

The registration of a .eu domain name has a duration of one year, but - unless otherwise indicated - it will be renewed automatically on the expiry date.

As regards external domain names, it is possible to apply to the external domain name registrar or to ask assistance from Digital and Library Services Directorate: in any case it is necessary to notify the management team at Digital and Library Services Directorate of the registration of these domain names (by sending an email to and indicating the domain name and the registrar).

For further information on how to submit your request, please contact the Network office at or call 0461 28 3400.


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The user must complete a form, have it approved by the first level manager, send the approved request to the Host and Domain service (mailto: that in some cases (for domains,. it and .eu) must obtain the approval of the Digital and Library Services Directorate. The Host and Domain service evaluates and, if it is positive, forwards the Network and TLC office which technically activates the requested domain (for the .it and .eu domains using the free service of the GARR).

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