Conference calls - Meetme

Services designed to make phone calls and to allow people in different locations to call a meeting. Their diffusion in streaming is possible through well equipped systems.

The service allows to schedule and activate conference calls among more than four people.


The meetme service allows various users to access a Conference call.

To participate in a conference call, please call 0461 28 5001 (or 0461 28 5000 to listen to the voice menus in English) and digit the number of the Conference call and if necessary the PIN code transmitted by the organiser. Users can access a Conference call from all telephones and mobiles, within or out of the University network. Users using the University network may use a short number.

To book a Conference call users need to access the booking system online on using their University credentials. Please refer to the phone service to require particular functions. Please refer to Instructions to read more details on the booking system.


Availability 24x7


In order to schedule a conference it is necessary to access the online reservation system at the address by using your username and password. For some particolar features the conference must be requested by e-mail with the Phone service, which is able to:
• book conferences with more than 15 partecipants (with a maximum of 30); • book recurring conferenze (for example: every Monday from 9:00 until 11:00 a.m).

Access link
Service Request

The conference must be requested by mail with the Phone service