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The synergy between the Informative Systems, the Research Management and the University Library System has resulted in an extended range of online services for our Libraries, with a view to computerise all those operations that once were tipically carried out on paper or face-to-face with the Library staff: requesting to consult a text, accessing electronic databases, placing a request for national & international interlibrary loan, submitting the thesis and configuring the permissions to view it, requesting a bibliographic consultation, and much more.

MediaLibraryOnline is a platform that allows you to consult and borrow for free digital newspapers and magazines, e-books, audio books, videos, music and other resources. Some of them, such as audio and ebooks, can also be downloaded to your PC or mobile device (tablet, e-book reader and smartphone)

Release date

01 January 2014


The service allows access to a platform of ebooks (which can be borrowed) and many other digital resources (magazines, newspapers, general magazines, audio books, videos)


It is only compatible with devices (such as eReader) supporting Adobe’s DRM; it is not available on Amazon’s Kindle device.

Profiling details

Personally qualification

Access link

It is necessary to have an Adobe ID obtainable via registration to Adobe services, be enrolled in the Library services and own the CBT card

Service Request

Request mail to one of the CBT libraries