In accordance with the recent legislation on the digitalization of the Public Administration, since 2011 UniTrento has acquired web tools which allow the user to interact with the University even remotely in online mode, in order to start the procedures for application, enrollment or candidacy. The applications, in-house implemented and integrated in various ways with institutional ERP platforms, support the account registration, the filling out of electronic forms in more steps, the upload of documents, as well as create notifications via email for the user and the offices handling the procedure.

The Lime Survey platform allows to create, to administer and to process questionnaires/surveys for internal or external users.


For the creation of questionnaires and surveys published on the web Unitn provides an installation of LimeSurvey, an open source tool already set up.

Unitn provides LimeSurvey a platform for offices and teachers to set up questionnaires and surveys for University needs.

LimeSurvey is an open source and freeware application (it is distributed under the GNU GPL version 2 license, written in PHP and based on MySQL, PostgreSQL or MSSQL databases) and allows the creation of online surveys and questionnaires, without requiring special programming knowledge. The surveys created can include ramifications and graphic customizations thanks to a template system in HTML and provide various statistics on the results collected.

The access to the survey can be free or reserved through the use of “one-time” passwords (token), different for each participant, sent by email.




The LimeSurvey Open Source platform is based on LAMP (Linux - Apache - PHP - MySQL)


It is also possible to fill out the questionnaire with an anonymous or a nominative link.

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An UFA course is available on how to create questionnaires and reports (for beginner and advanced level)

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