Access to the wired network

In order to guarantee users access to the data network (internet, intranet and not only), default connectivity services are available for the staff members stations, and on request for students and other users who want to access the network with personal devices. Ordinary access to the network - only possible for users with accounts of the type @ - can be via cable (wired network) or wireless (choosing between multiple configurations modes). For the University’s impromptu guests, connectivity is offered through the Eduroam Federation (for guests coming from Universities or Research Institutions that belong to it) or by issuing temporary credentials (so-called Visiting accounts). This group of services also includes VPNs - Virtual Private Networks for managing external traffic to University network resources.

Connect a computer to the University network using a network cable. The various types of access include:
- PCs fixed in offices or manned areas
- PC in computer rooms: access in authenticated mode
- PCs / laptops in public areas (“bush” sockets): authenticated access


Cable Network

Different ways to connect to the university’s network, depending on the department and the kind of use (office, class, etc.). Users can connect to the University network:

  • with directly connected computers in fixed secure locations, such as a staff office: please go to elenco servizi e applicazioni internet da reti d’Ateneo;
  • with directly connected computers in computers classrooms (username and password required);
  • with their laptop either wirelessly or with an Ethernet cable (username and password required): accesso in modalilt√† autenticata

For further information, please contact the Support Service of your department.


Availability 24x7


The wall sockets are activated at 100 or 1000 Mb depending on your needs. It is possible to access with a network cable (using the available and appropriately marked ports). Internet access is via the Italian research network managed by the GARR Consortium. Filters are activated on the GARR network for access to illegal sites as indicated by the Ministry of Finance. To access from outside the University network resources, you can use the VPN service.


Having read the GARR AUPs and the regulations for access to the University network. Verify that the application you want to access is among those for which the Nat mechanism is active (Network address translation).

Support through Ticketing System