Catalogue of all scientific works

All ICT services specifically addressed to our academic staff (professors, researchers, PhDs, etc.) are online products designed to help users in managing their own academic activities. These products have been developed by a third party (in particular, the CINECA consortium), and they are integrated with in-house programs in order to meet the more specific needs of our University. These products are inextricably linked with the information systems designed for students (which cover both the complementary teaching aspects, i.e. professors’ academic activity and students’ career advancement) and the information systems designed for our University staff (finance, human resources and employment, as regards administrative manners).

It collects, classifies and manages the University’s scientific works. It also includes the references of the published material (books, articles, etc.). It allows the assessment for Departments and a public display on the University’s pages.

Release date

01 January 2013




It’s possible to enter the full text (PDF), in order to have open-access, also with a temporal embargo, if necessary.

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