Hardware, software, systems and network infrastructures are essential in order to manage university activities: data center, wireless networks and cables, storage and backup systems, server virtualization and systems maintenance services.

Data Center
The core of our University IT insfrastructure. Our data center provides various services including the installation and maintainance of servers, virtualization technologies, cloud computing architectures, etc.

The service aims at meeting the educational, research and organizational requirements of applications and (but not only) websites.

Middleware Infrastructure
It provides services to software applications beyond those available from the operating system.

Monitoring service can provide direct insight into IT networks and infrastuctures’ health and availability and statistical charts.

The design, installation, configuration and maintainance of the architecture, the infrastructures and the policies related to our University network: MAN and LAN management, microwave links, GARR connectivity, the maintenance of the broadband, DNS and more.

Server Infrastructure
Provisioning, Internet hosting, and administration services for both physical and virtual servers.

These are back-end technologies and services necessary to maintain the funcionality of data storage (primary storage, data backup, etc.).

Multimedia Infrastructure
Design studies of the audio-video equipment that enrich the classrooms and the headquarters of the University (displays, interactive monitors, projection and amplification systems …), in collaboration with the User Services area.