iMeetingRoom - Concilium

IT services that enable to create, to share and to modify information and documents, especially by using those instruments of the cloud which make the real-time interaction possible.


Release date

January 2019


Management and organization system of board meetings that allows you to replace the paper-based management of the process and encourage the participation of the members of the body with computerized and technologically advanced tools. The service provides for a process of approval of the resolutions, the search and consultation of documents and measures, and the possibility of inserting notes to them. In addition to the documentary area, there is a meeting convocation area with attendance management and an electronic voting system.




The service is available via web or via mobile app; in both cases, access takes place with UniTrento credentials

Profiling details

The service is reserved to members of the Governing Bodies and staff involved in administrative procedures subject to scrutiny by the Governing Bodies

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