Identity and Access Management

These services deal with authentication, authorization and access to IT and regular services, as well as with digital identity management, with releasing of credentials and user profiling.

Account and password
Support service for authentication and access authorization to UniTrento ICT services.

Identity and Access Management
The University of Trento provides to its community members a set of ICT services to carry out daily activities. These services can be accessed through a personal account. The list of available services with a specific account is established according to the role played by the person in the University.

Single Sign-On and federations
It allows to access the University’s password protected web services by using only one University account, as well as to access external resources on federations IDEM, eduGAIN, eduroam (e.g. editors of on-line resources).

SPID Authentication
It allows the authentication to web services of the public administration with unique security credentials, which are unrelated to the institution and can be used in all administrations, UniTrento included.

Access to parking lots and restricted areas
Allows access to parking and restricted areas of University users based on the location and the activity performed

Access to the Mesiano student car park
Allows the access of qualified students to the Mesiano student car park

GiADA user interface
GiADA manages the users’ personal details when they log in at the portal.

Visiting user interface
It grants temporary Internet access to a visitor-based network, available for guests at conferences and other events in the University as well.

ADA user interface
The ADA user interfaces allow authorized operators to consult, enter and manage University registries, their roles, organizational requirements and @ accounts

Authorization management console for access to car parks and restricted areas