Learning with technology: tools and websites are available to teachers to publish and share learning material, while students can experience innovative approaches to learning even at home. The services are offered in synergy with the Education and Student Services Management and with all University facilities responsible for E-learning.

It offers online courses.

Release date

01 January 2004


Didattica Online/E-learning - Community Builder: platform for the publication of online teaching materials

Didattica Online - Moodle: Environment for the management of online courses, targeted to the active and collaborative learning, and easy to integrate in the web 2.0 systems.

Didattica Online/E-learning - Community Builder

This platform is used to associate every teaching activity offered by the University of Trento with an online community. The community’s teaching approach is mainly transmissive and marked by a show box, teaching materials and a virtual classroom.

Didattica Online - Moodle:

The system is flexible and customisable. It is integrated with Esse3 and it is accessible through the student’s and professor’s reserved area. Moodle is an e-learning system through which you can easily activate forums, chat rooms, wiki, glossaries, quizzes, conditional activity (every “subject” of a course can be managed starting from the student’s previous action), access to external repository (Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive). Further, the file selector called “File picker” can be used to search and access files on YouTube, Wikimedia Commons, Flickr, etc.


Moodle instances are distinguished according to the use (such as postgraduate students, CLA courses, PTA training courses; main DOL instance; etc.)

Profiling details

Authenticated access to courses with UNITN credentials based on the access rules defined by the teacher (Public access / Named access / Access for registration to the Department / CDS / Libretto)

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