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The reception desk is the first contact point for students of the faculty: here reports regarding the basic features of the University services are accepted, informing students about their use (dislocation, personal data, updating of display, management of a basic ambient assisted living).

Users, in particular students, can print on their own in color or black and white in a A4 or A3 formate with about 25 multifunctional systems spread in the several facilities, by using pre-paid cards, which can be bought from automatic distributors. It’s also possible to print, photocopy, bind, staple in 3 photocopy stores in Mesiano, Povo1 and economics. The service is managed by an external contractor.

Release date

01 January 2009


The service provides for the presence of 3 photocopy shops lodged in the Engineering, Science and Economics buildings, 10 automatic vending machines for prepaid cards and 22 A3 color printing systems, distributed in all the main offices. Since 2009, a contract has been signed with an external contractor for the management of the University photocopying, scanning and printing service. The three-year contract was renewed in 2012. The service is carried out through 3 photocopy shops, housed in the Engineering, Science and Economics offices, which provide for the presence of operators who assist users in their requests. There are also 10 vending machines for prepaid cards distributed in the main offices and 22 A3 color printing systems, self-service, unmanned. At each self-service system signs explaining the procedures to use the service are posted. A telephone number is also displayed for assistance in case of technical problems or malfunctions. To take advantage of the self-service service, it is sufficient to obtain a prepaid card, which can be purchased, in different values, through the vending machines or directly in one of the copiers and a USB memory stick, on which they must be stored, in PDF format, the files to print. Once the card and the USB stick have been inserted, from the printer display it is possible to choose which files to print, the number of copies requested and various other parameters that can be set and modified.

The copy shops also offer other services such as copy bindings and theses. At the photocopying office of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (DICAM) it is possible to make, on request, large format color scans and prints (A2, A1, A0, A0 +).


Self service position: always available Photocopy shop in Mesiano: open for 7 hours, always open between 10:00 and 12:00 a.m Photoshop in Povo 1, Economics: open for 4 hours, always open between 10:00 and 12:00 a.m


The user who wishes to use self service positions must be in possess of a USB flash drive and a pre-paid card or either go to a photocopy shop. The PDF formate is the only one to be fully supported.


Costi: Photocopy/printing b/n A4: € 0,019 Photocopy/printing b/n A3: € 0,020 Photocopy/printing with A4: € 0,15 Photocopy/printing with A3: € 0,15 Free A4/A3 scanning