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UniTrento is doing its utmost to manage and store all the electronic documents internally produced, with a view to adapting to the new digital first approach promoted by the CAD (Digital Administration Code). On one side, we aim at providing single users or homogeneous groups of users with clearly organised and customised reservoirs of documents; on the other, it is necessary to comply with the formal protocol and to retain documents as required by the law.

Remote digital signature enables to sign electronic documents (PDF files or other formats) using a digital certificate issued by a certification authority. The certificates are issued to the teaching staff and structured researcher, to the administrative technical staff and to the associate professor holding an official course. The digital signature can be used for the signing of electronic documents within the framework of all institutional activities and in compliance with the signing powers deriving from the law or internal regulations of the University; For this reason the certificate of signature indicates the membership of the Holder at the University of Trento and, in particular circumstances, can be revoked.


The University of Trento has adopted the Aruba remote signature for the subscription of institutional documentation by teaching and research staff, technical and administrative staff, mother tongue language teachers and teaching fellows holding an official course (the latter category uses the certificate only for signing the exam’s verbal). The holder of the remote signature certificate is the person to whom the University of Trento issues a remote digital signature certificate.

Certificates are issued by Aruba at the request of the competent offices:

  • to the teaching staff at the time of its appointment or recruitment;
  • to the technical administrative staff and mother tongue language teachers based on the role held at the University;
  • to contract teaching staff after signing the teaching contract with ownership of the course.

The personal data of teaching and research staff and of technical-administrative staff and CEL, necessary for issuing the remote digital signature certificate, are collected through specific online forms filled in by the holders themselves according to the instructions provided by the competent structures. Contract teachers communicate the necessary data when signing the contract.

The activation of the certificate is bound to operations that the employee must carry out following the instructions sent by Aruba and provides for the recognition of the holder entirely online on Aruba’s DVO (De Visu Online) platform, therefore without the need for recognition by an employee. of the University.

In case of loss, theft or change of the signature device, of the security codes or of suspected falsification or abuse, it is necessary to contact the digital signature service to request the revocation of the certificate and the issue of a new one.


The issue of the certificate of remote signature is subject to the collection of employee data by the University of Trento staff and their communication to Aruba S.p.A.. The collected data are processed by Aruba, which sends to the employee the necessary instructions for the recognition and activation of the certificate.

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Read the remote signature usage policies (in Italian)

Service Request

The certificates are issued upon hiring the teacher and researcher, of the CELs and of the assignment of the II level assignment to the administrative staff. The first level staff structures (directorates / departments / centers), after obtaining the approval of the head of the structure, can write to the digital signature address to request the issue of the certificate to the staff (teacher and researcher, technical and administrative) who does not have one. The issue of the certificate to teachers holding official courses is managed by the Esse3 support service.

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