Finance, Human Resources, and Procurement Systems

In 2000, UniTrento developed a management strategy based on ERP-type (Enterprise resource planning) instruments and further web innovations in order to rationalise the information systems of the accounting area. The ERP sectors, which overlap with the accounting and the IT areas, are monitored by a development and support team in close cooperation with the University Information Systems, the Administrative and Financial Management, and the Human Resources Management. Said sectors are specifically concerned with purchases, accounting, planning and control, sales and human resources management.

Payment Bank Interface - PBI
It supports the organization and delivery of files digitally signed containing payment and collection orders to be sent to the treasurer.

VaPe - Performance Evaluation
Support the assessment process (assignment and evaluation) of the manager and staff (CCNL assessment, CCI).

SGA – Sales Management System
It supports the process of acquiring goods and services for all the University facilities under the community threshold.

ERP is a software tool that aims at rationalizing information systems for the accounting area and human resources.

It allows found holders (or their delegates) to view on the web a simplified reporting about the state of their funds (use in exercise and residual).

Management of online payment requests.

Time and attendance systems
Management of working time for employees and related aspects

Payslips & CU
The service allows all staff of Trento University to view online their payslips and CU models.

Management of business trips
This is a tool to manage the business trips of staff and employees of the University of Trento, from the authorisation to the reimbursement of the expenses.

It helps managing payable digital accounts coming from the national system (SDI). The system allows the management of incoming invoices, their verification (through the workflow inside many of the administrative structures), their integration with the SAP system, whose result will be sent to the SDI system. The system is also integrated with the system of document management and PITre protocol. Within the technical infrastructure, SDI (national system managed by SOGEI, which collects globally invoices for all PA) and Informatica Trentina play a very important role in creating hubs in small towns, in order to distribute flows from and towards SDI and integrate it with the PITre system.

Web Identity records management in the accounting system
It provides a web interface for consulting, as well as requesting the creation/edit of supplier and client SAP data (with and without deduction). Flows of requests can be managed thanks to 3 points of BackOffice that can run the recording in SAP.


Information system & Human resources
This is a customized version of the SAP HR module (originally incorporated in the SAP ERP system) the University of Trento uses to process employee administration (professors, reseachers, staff etc.) according to business requirements.

Unitn PagoPA
The service provides a payment gateway to PagoPa for the different Unitn applications that manage inbound payments.