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All ICT services specifically addressed to our academic staff (professors, researchers, PhDs, etc.) are online products designed to help users in managing their own academic activities. These products have been developed by a third party (in particular, the CINECA consortium), and they are integrated with in-house programs in order to meet the more specific needs of our University. These products are inextricably linked with the information systems designed for students (which cover both the complementary teaching aspects, i.e. professors’ academic activity and students’ career advancement) and the information systems designed for our University staff (finance, human resources and employment, as regards administrative manners).

Cataloging of the University’s scientific production in order to calculate the performance of the departments and as a support to the academic career of the researcher


Unitn-eprints is an institutional archive where professors and researchers of the University of Trento can deposit and store the scientific production deriving from research activity; these are technical reports, working papers, seminar proceedings, series of monographic essays, etc., which are not normally disseminated through the channels of commercial distribution (publishers, distributors, libraries) and can be deposited in eprints - after login - by interested parties. Most of the eprints already present in the Unitn-eprints archive have passed a referral process by editorial committees and are part of departmental series. The possibility of searching, consulting and downloading the full text is allowed, however, with free access to any user. This archive is part of a wider international circuit of Open Access archives, all in compliance with the international OAI-PMH protocol, which allows interoperability and exchange of data and metadata between individual archives but also between archives and citation databases or search engines. scientific and / or specialized research, thus ensuring: the authoritativeness of the materials it contains; a wider and more rapid dissemination of the results of the University’s scientific research; a more immediate and simple use and access to the research product; the persistence of information on the web and the long-term preservation of scientific production; a greater visibility of the scientific production of the single author and of the institution that supports the research; the return to the authors of the control on their publications.

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