End Point Computing: workstations

Services that allow University members - especially as regards structured staff - to make the best use of the tools to operate in everyday life: access to the Net, document archiving, desktop virtualization, management and updating of the workstation (telephone, PC, laptops and related peripherals: monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer.

Network Access
In order to guarantee users access to the data network (internet, intranet and not only), default connectivity services are available for the staff members stations, and on request for students and other users who want to access the network with personal devices. Ordinary access to the network - only possible for users with accounts of the type @ unitn.it - can be via cable (wired network) or wireless (choosing between multiple configurations modes). For the University’s impromptu guests, connectivity is offered through the Eduroam Federation (for guests coming from Universities or Research Institutions that belong to it) or by issuing temporary credentials (so-called Visiting accounts). This group of services also includes VPNs - Virtual Private Networks for managing external traffic to University network resources.

End-Point Support
To ensure that all users have access to the data network (the Internet, the intranet and others), some connectivity services are available by default for our staff’s workstations. These services are available on request for students and users who would like to have access to our network via their personal devices. Regular access to the network -which is granted only to those users having a @unitn.it account- is possible by using both wired and wireless connections (in such a case, various configuration modes are available). Visiting scholars and university guests are provided with connectivity to the network by the EduRoam Federation (if they come from universities or institutions belonging to it); otherwise, they are given a temporary University account. VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are part of this group of services, too.

Printing, scanning, photocopying and fax-sending services offered by our University IT Staff, or else by some specifically contracted companies that provide for the installation and the maintainance of the necessary equipment.