Among the many IT support services for students shall be included the ones concerning selection and enrolment, guidance; those services meant to preserve everybody‚Äôs right to higher education (food service & canteens, scholarships, and accommodations in collaboration with the institution “Opera Universitaria”); all the online systems in general that students use along their entire career. Many of these latter services (examination entries, assessments, payment of tuition and university fees, checking the achievement report and curriculum) form part of ESSE3, our online didactics services system developed by CINECA; the rest of them could be implemented internally by the ICT Management or by external companies. In any case, our main administrative structure is the Education and student services Management.

Our timetable displays learning activities and classrooms filtered for Departments, Courses of Study and years.


Timetables & Classrooms, used by almost all courses of study, is a system of representation of the calendar of educational activities (the “courses”) and of the classrooms in which they take place. Filtered by Departments, Courses and years of course, it is presented as a calendar displayed by month, by week or by day, or as a list of events. For each event you can go down in detail, clicking on the colored box that represents it, to check the details.

It is possible to obtain a more concise and readable visualization by selecting only some courses or tracing specific indications using the research for didactic activities or by the name of the teacher.




This timetable can be visualized by month, week or day, or as a list of events. For every event you can choose to go into detailes, by clicking on corresponding the colored box in order to check details.

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