Online forms

In accordance with the recent legislation on the digitalization of the Public Administration, since 2011 UniTrento has acquired web tools which allow the user to interact with the University even remotely in online mode, in order to start the procedures for application, enrollment or candidacy. The applications, in-house implemented and integrated in various ways with institutional ERP platforms, support the account registration, the filling out of electronic forms in more steps, the upload of documents, as well as create notifications via email for the user and the offices handling the procedure.

This centralized service allows operators of different application contexts to contact, verify and enter new users in the University database and activate the option to reset the password.

This service aims at structurally collecting online data and at dematerializing administrative procedures; it differs from Apply 2 , as the user is not required to log-in in order to fill out the requested data, and it is useful in all those cases where there is no need for the user to be at the University (for example to register for conventions).


This service structurally collects data online and dematerializes administrative procedures.

The Lime Survey platform allows to create, to administer and to process questionnaires/surveys for internal or external users.