Adobe Creative Cloud for education


The Directorate has subscribed to a University Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP). The Adobe VIP is a programme for the purchase of multiple licences under subscription, which offers the teaching institutes simple, secure management functions and progressive discounting schemes, proportional to the total number of licences purchased, whilst keeping each structure’s purchases independent.


In order to benefit from the discounts, the individual structures (departments and centres) will need to acquire the necessary licences independently, specifying the University VIP ID (3B1604A7F900A686FC1A). Any needs by the management structures (directorates) should be conveyed directly to the Directorate by opening a ticket to The licences will be matched to the annual University VIP and will expire on 20 August, regardless of the date of purchase therefore, even if a licence is purchased on 10 January, it will expire at end August and be billed for 7 months). The individual structures shall notify the Digital and Library Services Directorate ( of the licences purchased and for whom they are intended. By thus doing, the licences will be uploaded by Adobe to the University portal managed by the Directorate, which will associate them with the specified recipients. The assignee user will receive a welcome e-mail, explaining how to access the licences assigned. The Adobe licences management portal will allow for the reassignment to different users during the year; if you so wish, you can therefore have a certain number of licences available within the department/centre, to be associated dynamically to different people during the year for which the licence is valid.


It is important that renewal orders are placed 30 days before the reference date of the University VIP (from 20 July to 20 August). The Directorate will send all structures a reminder to this effect as the renewal period approaches, with a list of active licences for each structure. Renewal must be punctual and carried out in the manner described above in the purchase procedure, both in order to continue to use the products (any licences not renewed by the anniversary date will be deemed to have expired and be removed) and to guarantee the University the discount level achieved through the VIP.

The approximate cost of the registered licences is:

  • all Creative Cloud applications € 34.99/month per user, excluding VAT;
  • individual application € 14.99/month per user, excluding VAT.

If a given user needs to use two or more applications, it is worth buying the “All Creative Cloud applications” licence, which allows for use of all products included in the suite. The software can be installed on personal PCs or those owned by the University. Installation is possible on more than one computer as long as no more than two instances are running simultaneously.



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