Research Computing

Advanced computational resources and other services support the activities of the research teams.

Cluster HPC
It allows to perform calculations on a HPC platform.

Hosting virtual machine
For all the occasions when an IT infrastructure to be managed independently is needed, the private cloud UniTrento offers Windows or Linux servers in a virtual environment with privileges to access the system administrator.

Housing server
The Housing service allows those who have not found an alternative within the Data Center services portfolio (web hosting, hosting virtual machines, etc.) to install their own hardware infrastructure (server or storage) within a Data Center designed to meet all the requirements of reliability, continuity and security required by an IT infrastructure.

Primary storage
It offers disk space on a highly reliable platform that can be backed up, mirrored and taken in disaster recovery. The user shares, profiles, databases and virtual machines are based on this service.

Management of research-based workstations
It allows to operate and manage local processing systems (WS, PC) assigned to teachers and Ph.D. students.

Network Storage
Store data securely and have a copy of it.