Requesting digital certificates for servers

These services allow the user to enjoy a safe web environment for the network, systems and applications (antivirus, antispam, firewall, website certificates…).

The service provides web system administrators with digital certificates for hosts with a domain and all of its subdomains.


The SSL certificates, at the basis of the HTTPS protocol, certify the ownership of a website and allow the encrypted communication between the browser and the server hosting its website. They must be used when the website exchanges confidential information when the client (like the password or the credit card number).

For cyber security reasons, for each website of the UniTrento domain requiring the use of access credentials, it is advisable and important to implement a secure protocol through the SSL certificate, to prevent possible sniffing or non-authorised access.


Availability during business hours


GARR runs in Italy the TCS service (TERENA Certification Service). The service allows GARR users to receive for free x.509 certificates for servers, which are released by Sectigo(Certification Authority is included in all main web browsers).


You can request SSL certificates (normal) or EV (Extended Validation) available for several platforms (Windows, Linux, IIS, apache, etc). On request it is possible to validate other domains (besides, for which you can request digital certificates.

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