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All active users in the UniTrento community are guaranteed - by default or upon request- a personal email account, so that every individual could be recognized as a University member while communicating online. The email domain varies according to the user’s role ; sometimes it may happen that a user has more domains at the same time (e.g and at the same time). Personal mailboxes may combine with organizational boxes, which are accessible to the staff of some specific offices or didactics and research structures. Among the services offered are also those instruments designed for the email in general (such as mailing lists, newsgroups, directories, systems of notification management), and the online calendar, i.e. a person or a group of people’s schedule, which is useful - if enabled - for arranging meetings and business appointments.

Shared mailboxes to manage the mail of offices, work groups or events.


UniTrento makes available (upon request of the facility manager) shared mailboxes (such as institutional mailboxes or mailboxes for work groups or offices). A calendar and the address book are associated with each mailbox. Like paper correspondence addressed to an institutional figure, as to an office, the email addressed to these addresses can be read and managed by several persons in charge of this. So, delegated mailboxes - or example, the institutional mailboxes,,,, - can be read by several people in various capacities, managers, assistants, staff or service operators.


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