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Services that allow the planning of the purchase, installation, maintenance and deactivation of software and licenses managed centrally by the University based on user profiling. For specific software dedicated to particular research needs, please refer to the respective Departments, Structures or Centers.

Distribute and install all campus software to all UniTrento users purchased by the IT Department for the University, based on their profiling.

Release date

01 January 1996


The University of Trento offers to its professors, technical and administrative staff and sometimes to its students, the opportunity to install some SW products, among which:

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching: is a Microsoft program supporting the technical training, providing for the access to Microsoft SW for learning, teaching and research purposes. The packages provides students of scientific departments with the Microsoft professional tools, platforms and development servers in the labs, classrooms and PC of students and professors, for learning and research purposes.

ArchiCAD, CAD BIM (Building Information Model), 3D architecture design software. The education version, with free annual licenses, is available for students and teachers. And can be downloaded by registering on the international portal

MATLAB is a programming environment for the development of algorithms, the analysis and visualization of experimental data and for numeric calculation. The contract, through the TAH-Campus Option, allows all university staff to install the program on all stand-alone or network work station, and on all personal device out of the University of Trento. It allows all UniTrento students, through the TAH-Campus Option, to use MATLAB everywhere, on up to 4 personal stand-alone or network work stations.

SPSS is a SW package for the visualization and statistical analysis of data. It is distributed by the IT Helpdesks of the different university premises.

Update Microsoft Windows and Office offer the possibility to update all computers with original Microsoft products thanks to the latest distributed OS editions, including the multilingual editions. Microsoft Campus software is available for structured users (some categories of teachers, PTA) The MS campus contract also allows UniTrento users to buy MS products with special discounts.
Windows users can access the service mounting the share \\\NBShares3\CAMPUS
Macintosh users should mount the share smb://




Possibility for users to download and use widely used software for free or at extremely low costs.


The service is provided differently according to the contract signed and with the distribution methods agreed with the supplier:
- Microsoft campus: direct download from UniTrento server
- Matlab single licenses: download directly from the MathWorks site via UniTrento landing page
- Matlab concurrent licenses: from local servers
- SPSS: distribution of licenses by local user services and concurrent servers
- LabVIEW: distribution of licenses by local user services

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