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In accordance with the recent legislation on the digitalization of the Public Administration, since 2011 UniTrento has acquired web tools which allow the user to interact with the University even remotely in online mode, in order to start the procedures for application, enrollment or candidacy. The applications, in-house implemented and integrated in various ways with institutional ERP platforms, support the account registration, the filling out of electronic forms in more steps, the upload of documents, as well as create notifications via email for the user and the offices handling the procedure.

This service structurally collects data online and dematerializes administrative procedures.

Release date

01 November 2011


Apply2 is the response to the increasing need to replace paper-based and semi-automatic procedures. for data collection with online forms (“web application form” or more shortly “apply”) to manage for example the application forms to access to the courses offered by the University of Trento (Doctoral Schools, Master’s courses, International mobility programmes, Summer Schools) and other initiatives outside of the training areas, such as conferences and the Universiade.

The product has been entirely developed by the Unitn ICT services since 2011, thanks to the multi-annual experience and cooperation with the partner offices, which are the beneficiaries of the apply applications. In something more than one year more than 20.000 online applications have been received, which regard different areas:

  • Outgoing mobility
  • Incoming mobility
  • Summer School
  • LM master
  • Master financing
  • I and II level Master’s courses
  • ECDL admission tests
  • Doctoral schools
  • Admission to National professional boards
  • Conferences
  • Accommodation
  • Joint Doctorate School
  • Trentino 2013 WU, be a volunteer
  • Miscellanea

The use of electronic online application forms allow for the dematerialization of the procedure, which can be completed in a telematics way, without the need to send paper documents. In parallel, the people in charge of the application procedure enjoy a live monitoring system of the electronic online applications.



Profiling details

Access with diversified permits for the functions of:
- compiling questions
- creating questions (editor)
- access to collected data

Access link

Operators with the role of editor are enabled after training.

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