Antivirus for the University clients

To ensure that all users have access to the data network (the Internet, the intranet and others), some connectivity services are available by default for our staff’s workstations. These services are available on request for students and users who would like to have access to our network via their personal devices. Regular access to the network -which is granted only to those users having a account- is possible by using both wired and wireless connections (in such a case, various configuration modes are available). Visiting scholars and university guests are provided with connectivity to the network by the EduRoam Federation (if they come from universities or institutions belonging to it); otherwise, they are given a temporary University account. VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are part of this group of services, too.

The Antivirus allows to protect client servers from viruses and malwares.


On 17 April 2019 the contract with TrendMicro for the antivirus expires, both for PC and for mobile devices. We remind you that having an antivirus on board is an obligation, according to the minimum security measures

You must uninstall TrendMicro and replace it:
+ Windows 10: use the integrated antivirus (Windows Defender) + MacOS: install a free antivirus with compatible license (for example ClamAV)
+ Linux: install a free antivirus with a compatible license (for example ClamAV)

For any information and support, please refer to the IT staff of your location.


Availability 24x7

Support through Ticketing System